1 = bear, contain, contain in, enclose, gather, hold, host, include, possess, carry, be stocked with, harbour [harbor, -USA], offer, provide.
Ex. Use a uniform title for an entry if the item bears a title proper that differs from the uniform title.
Ex. The label contains information about the record, indicating, for instance, its length, status, for example, new, amended, type and class.
Ex. A printed index is a pointer, or indicator, or more fully, a systematic guide to the items contained in, or concepts derived from a collection.
Ex. The building encloses an art gallery, tourist office, conference room, concert hall and cinema.
Ex. A bibliography is a list of materials or items which is restricted in its coverage by some feature other than the materials being gathered in one library collection.
Ex. If the search is made with a call number, a summary of copies with that call number which are held by the library is first displayed.
Ex. Most computer bureaux which host the factual data bases have their own world-wide networks.
Ex. Document descriptions may be included in catalogues, bibliographies and other listings of documents.
Ex. Not every index necessarily exhibits all the features of either of these types of indexing systems, and indeed, some will possess elements of both types of systems.
Ex. Europe Environment carries useful reports on the activities of the lobby groups in the environmental, consumer protection and research fields.
Ex. The paperback shelves in many retail outlets are stocked with books which, in spite of their print-runs, may or may not be a financial success.
Ex. When the reference collection fails or the question is broad in nature, the stacks may harbor exactly what is wanted.
Ex. Thus some current awareness services can be purchased from external vendors, whilst others may be offered by a library or information unit to its particular group of users.
Ex. To start with, most catalogues, indexes, data bases and bibliographies provide access to information or documents.
* contener en abundancia = abound in/with.
* contener en cantidad = abound in/with.
* contener en cantidad + Nombre = contain + its share of + Nombre.
* contener hiperenlaces = hotlink [hot-link].
* contener información = carry + information.
* contener mucho = be high in.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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